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Tents in Tampa that Resist Wind and Rain

Hosting an outdoor party  is always a fun event as people will have more space to play and socialize. But when holding such socials outdoors, there are some considerations you must take.

Aside from serving great food, drinks, and music, you should also make sure that guests can feel relaxed so they can comfortably enjoy the party. You shouldn’t worry about them getting burned from too much sun, wet should it rain or too cold due to unexpected winds.

An outdoor party could be more fun if the guests feel comfortable at every moment. To make this happen, you should find a tent in Tampa that resists wind and rain.

Choosing the best tent

Choosing the right party tent that resists rain and wind in Tampa should not be that difficult as there are a lot of choices. Before procuring one, you need to know the size to accommodate all your guests, including everything under the tent without getting overcrowded.
Tents in Tampa
The right size should provide your guests with the space to socialize around or sit and enjoy the sights. There are many sizes, styles, and colors to choose from that can perform the functions you need.

Tents that provide protection

The primary function of wind- and rain-resistant party tents in Tampa is to protect your guests and your party items from the elements. Always settle for a new tent, not a second-hand one, to make sure that it performs well.

Ask the supplier about how the tent can provide safety against the sun. You can also know how it holds up against the rain and wind. Remember, the protection of your guests is the primary concern, and the right tent will erase your worries against weather changes.

Choose tents that have side flaps as these may provide more protection from the wind, rain, and sun. However, if you’re not a fan of tents with side flaps, you can always opt for an open-ended tent or one where you can roll up the sides when the need arises.

Whatever option, make sure that the tent is of high-quality, so it performs and holds well for you.

High-quality tents

There’s no real guarantee when it comes to the quality of the tent you purchase from retail stores or if it will last its purpose for a long time. Plus, anything you buy in a retail shop costs you more.

Therefore, it’s better to deal with tent distributors directly. In Florida, contact Tents Tampa for your tent needs. You will deal with an expert source for the highest quality tents for parties in Tampa that resist wind and rain.

Here, you also get the tents at wholesale prices, allowing you to save more money.

Versatility is important too

Tents Tampa offers an array of party tents where you can choose the tent to suit your needs perfectly. They have tents of all sizes, whether you plan to use it for booth business, a table at the farmer’s market, a catering business, or social events.

They have small tents for private affairs or large ones to hold more than a hundred people.


Commercial Party Tents

Large Commercial Party Tents for Your Events

To make your guests feel more relaxed and comfortable in a large outdoor gathering, choose a venue that provides plenty of space. Next, you have to procure a large commercial events tent for your event that could accommodate the number of expected guests.

When people feel relaxed, they will enjoy your party more. This turns an ordinary experience into a memorable moment. For a large party, opt for large commercial tents made for outdoor events.


Obviously, the size of the tent matters when considering the number of attendees to an affair. The size determines the seating arrangement and other details needed for the party.

Also, consider other factors like the seating style, if you plan to serve meals inside the tent, bands, DJs, and more. These extras demand an increase in the tent’s size that you need.

Commercial Party Tents

When deciding the size of the tent, communicate with those responsible for the event. They can provide the information you need to help you choose the best large commercial party tent for the venue.

For events that include meals, it’s important to take into account the number and size of the tables, as well as the number of expected attendees.


Another very important factor you should consider when selecting a tent for your event is its cost. As expected, prices vary between suppliers. Do the extra work of researching the price ranges of several suppliers.

The choice of the tent will ultimately depend upon the kind of event you plan to hold and the budget you have set for it.

Delivery and setup

As the demand for large commercial tents for parties and events increases, tent suppliers are also upping their game by improving their services.

To accommodate different customers, suppliers have expanded their services to include the nationwide shipping of their tents and the accompanying accessories.

Now, you can order your tent from anywhere just by searching for suppliers online. But it’s still recommended to hire a local tent service like Tents Tampa. Tech-savvy tents are okay, but there some things that are better done locally.

Once you have finalized your deal, the tent provider will send staff members to help with setting up a tent for your party. As a client, you can expect the over-all setup to look professional to give your guests a nice ambiance.

Don’t let the size intimidate you

If you plan to host a huge social event each year, you may think it’s more practical to purchase a large tent for yourself. But consider the inconvenience of setting up a really large tent by yourself. Furthermore, there is the problem of storage.

The folded tent will need a large space for storage at home. You won’t have to worry if you choose Tents, Tampa, as your provider. They can get for you the right party tents for any event. Their staff inquires about your tent preferences.

Just give the specifications based on what you need. If you need a tent soon for an upcoming event, contact their office and inquire about their outdoor party tents.

Best Party Tents for Outdoor Party in Tampa

Best Party Tents for Outdoor Parties in the Tampa Area

Having an outdoor party is a wonderful way of making your special day more memorable, especially when you plan it right. With the fresh breeze blowing in the venue, it makes the event even more special and unforgettable. When planning a party outdoors, you may want to find the best party tents for outdoor parties in Tampa. Having a tent for an outdoor party is essential to keep your guests sheltered and safe.

Size of your venue

One thing that you always need to consider is the size of the venue. You can determine this by calculating the number of guests you have invited. This also allows you to determine what proportion of the best tent for outdoor party in Tampa you need for your event. You must also provide spaces with adjacent buildings you plan to use for access from and to the tent, the washrooms, and other locations. 

You need to anchor the tent to the ground, and this means you have to decide whether you need gravel or soil to stake the supports. Just make sure that there are no utility objects underground when you do the staking.

Design of the Tent

The designs of all best party tents for outdoor events in Tampa are unique. They are available to perform their special functions. For instance, setting up a tent in places susceptible to strong gales require one that has strong protective features against the wind. This requires tents with individual stakes.

Some tents have sliding walls that are perfect for letting the sunlight pass through on sunny days. You can close them during unexpected weather changes. Also, check for any power lines in your area, which might block the high peaks of a tent.

Delivery and setup

With a variety of tents available, it can be challenging to find one that can cater to all of your needs. It is recommended hiring a local tent service to make things easier for you and the supplier. In Tampa, for instance, you can call Tampa Tents Florida and inquire about our services. 

Buying a tent for an event is not a good idea because you won’t use it that often. It’s also expensive and requires storage space. Furthermore, setting up a tent for an event is a menial and tiresome job, and things can go wrong as it requires expertise. Renting one is the way to go. 

The provider of the best party tents for outdoor events in Tampa, Florida, can set the tent up for you before the party and after as well. Moreover, the setup will look beautiful and neat as professionals do it. Excellent tent setup will make you feel happy and impress your guests too.

Choosing the best tent for your event

Bad weather can ruin a party, even the best-planned ones are not completely safe. Moving it indoors isn’t an option that is easily available, especially if it takes place on public grounds. In such a situation, it becomes very embarrassing for the host. 

This is reason enough to look for the best party tent for your outdoor event in Tampa. No matter what occasion you have, you could find the right tent for it. Tampa Tents Florida provides service regardless of how long your guest list is. By the way, we also deliver tents anywhere in the country.


Commercial Party Tents

Choosing Best Party Tents in Tampa Florida

Having parties outdoors is a lot of fun, but more often than not, you must protect your guests from extreme weather conditions. You can do so by installing one of the best party tents in Tampa, Florida.

Not only are these very easy to install, but they also provide the right shade for guests who prefer rather sit and chat in the shade. There’s a wide selection of party tents for you to choose from. With some research, you can find the best one that fits well with your event.

Frame tents

One of the best party tents options in Tampa, Florida, to consider is a frame tent. The support frame for this tent is entirely made of metal tubes. One useful feature is that it doesn’t have center poles that tend to block views.

What you have is an interior open space. You don’t need stakes or ropes to have it installed. You may set this tent up in small spaces with hard grounds like concrete and decks. Then you weigh down the tent to give it flexibility.

Pole tents 

Another option with a more traditional style is a pole tent. The roof of the tent has the usual dips and curves supported by a pole situated at the center. This is ideal for outdoor parties attended by many guests because it covers a bigger space.

Pole tents come in different sizes. You can even get one of the larger sizes to accommodate all your guests with ease. Furthermore, they have an appealing appearance and are very easy to assemble and disassemble. Just plan well because the center pole might block your guests’ view.

Pop-up tents

There is always a range of commercial tents available so you can choose the best tents for parties in Tampa, Florida. For instance, you may opt for a pop-up tent. It’s easy to install, giving you more time to organize other things for your party.

The design of pop-up tents makes them work like accordions. This means you can open it, set it up, and use it in a matter of minutes. Because of the unique design, these tents aren’t that sturdy. This also makes them suitable for temporary cover only, not for prolonged use.


Choosing the best tent for your party

Get acquainted with the tent varieties available before considering which one to choose for your upcoming social function. This helps you make a smarter decision, like which is the best party tent to select in the Tampa area to suit your needs and budget.


Aside from choosing one of the best outdoor tents for parties in Tampa, Florida, from Party Tents Tampa, you can also opt for some add-ons to liven up your surroundings. 

For instance, having an attractive lanterns gives excellent ambiance to your party tent. String lights are great too as you can wrap them around the tent poles or hang them from the tent peaks flowing down the sides.

Flowers may work well, make sure to speak with your florist first. Ask for advice on how to decorate using flowers that match your party theme. Finally, you may also go for ascending Lights. You can install these colored lights from the ground going up.


party tents in Tampa

Find Tents in Tampa for Great Outdoors Events

Planning for  an outdoor events starts with getting the best location possible. You also want to have a tent that will leave people with memorable moments.

When selecting the right party tents in Tampa for great outdoor events, you have to consider the type, size, and style of the tent.

Here are more details of what you should look for in a tent for your outdoor event.

Size of the tent 

The size of the tent matters a lot because it determines the type of seating and other extra things you are going to have at the party.

party tents in Tampa

Most of the tents suitable for events such as parties accommodate auditorium-style seating style, events serving meals, and events that incorporate catering, bands, or DJs. The extras are going to demand an increase in the size of the tent.

Therefore, speak with the people responsible to find out the amount of space they will need before choosing an ideal tent.

However, for events with meals, it’s important to consider the number, size of tables, and the number of people participating.

Most of the time, dinners that have table-side service require extra space so that the servers have enough room to do their work.

No matter the type of layout you need for your outdoor event, it’s crucial to select the type of tent that meets your needs.

Parts and tops

Tents are made up of different materials but the most important parts are probably the top and the frame. Regardless of what type of tent you choose, most of the tents have aluminum and steel as supporting structures.

While aluminum is lighter, it has a slight problem as it bends. Tents with aluminum don’t corrode because of aluminum oxide, a chemical that prevents rust.

On the other hand, tents with steel are heavier and sturdier. Steel has also the tendency to rust if it’s not properly treated.

The cost

The cost of a tent is another important factor to consider when choosing a tent for your outdoor party. Tents made with aluminum are usually a bit more expensive than those made of steel.

But, their prices generally differ from one manufacturer to another, making it necessary to research the price range with different manufacturers. Tents made with vinyl material are also normally expensive than those made with polyester.

The benefit of vinyl is that it’s durable, provides UV protection, and it’s weather-resistant. These tents are flame resistant and easy to clean.

Therefore, it all comes down to the type of event that the tent is to be used for and the budget you have allocated to get your desired type of tent.

Contact us

For a great outdoor events, you can’t take chances when it comes to choosing the right tent for the event. Party Tents Tampa makes it easy for you as we have a wide range of party tents in Los Angeles suitable for outdoor events.

We ensure that all our tents are reliable and strong so that everyone is safe. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at +1 (877) 918-8368 for more information about tents in Tampa.

Using Commercial Party Tents for a Great Party at Work

It’s not easy to select the right commercial party tents. This is because there are many types, styles, and sizes of tents. You also have to consider the number of people attending the party at work.

Therefore, there is a need to research so that you can select the party tent that meets your requirements.

While the variants are many, this guide will help you to select the perfect commercial party tents for a great party at work.

Types of commercial party tents

There is a broadly defined category of what are regarded as tents. Almost any structure you can carry out a party under is considered as a party tent.

Commercial Party Tents

But, within that inclusive category, there are four major types of tents. They are pole tents, tension tents, pop-up and instant tents, and frame tents.

Pole tents

Pole tents come in an extensive range of sizes, and you can use poles to provide support for the structure. The stakes or other tie-downs create the necessary tension to keep the tent stable and in the upright position.

Because it has poles placed around its perimeter and the center, the pole tents are cover a wide area. They are easy to use and cost-effective.

If you are looking for versatility and a colorful tent, then probably poles tents are the most suitable for your party at work. It’s important to consider the center pole when deciding for pole tents as it might affect visibility.

Tension tents

There is a lot of similarities between tension tents and traditional pole tents as they both utilize center poles and perimeter to get support. Tension tents also use tie-downs to support the roof.

The only thing that makes tension unique is the fact that they have much taller peaks than most of the other types of tents. They are suitable to use for formal and business parties at work.

The high peaks enable them to withstand strong winds and improve drainage. These tents are ideal if you are looking for tents that will stand for a long time.

Pop-up and instant tents

Pop-up and instant tents are the lightest and least type of party tents. They have accordion-type of frames, enabling them to be installed and taken down pretty easily.

Some of these tents come with their storage bags for easy storage and transportation. Since you don’t need poles in the center, they are open but you can also have a focal point.  These are lightweight, therefore, they can’t stand up to tear and wear as other heavier tents.

Frame tents

Frame tents utilize a tubular metal structure for support rather than getting tension from the stakes. As a result, they don’t require center poles for support. The metal structures provide them with enough support and flexibility once they are placed.

The best place to use them is near to buildings or indoors. The only thing is that frame tents are more expensive than the other types of tents. They are significantly heavier and durable as they are made from high-quality materials.

Contact us

Party Tents Tampa is the best place to get right commercial party tents. Regardless of whether it’s for business or personal use, we keep party tents for you to have a great party at work.

Make the right choice by choosing a suitable tent from our wide selection of tents. Contact us today via +1 (877) 918-8368 for more information about the best commercial party tents in Los Angeles for your party at work.

Party Tents in San Diego

Tips for Choosing the Best Size Party Tents in San Diego

Whether you intend to have a formal or casual party, a tent will always bring out something special for the event. It combines the outdoor feeling while maintaining the beauty of a ballroom.A tent is versatile and is right for every type of event. If you are considering a party tents in San Diego for an upcoming event, here are some guidelines to help you decide the right tent for you.

The size of the venue

The size of the venue, the number of guests, and the amenities will determine the size of the tent that will be needed for your function.

It’s important to give a minimum of ten feet surrounding the perimeter of the tent so that there are easy set-up and risk-free anchoring. You must keep space with the adjacent buildings, access to and from the tents, washrooms, and other things.
Party Tents in San Diego

A tent has to be anchored to the ground, meaning you need to decide whether you will require soil or gravel to stake it in. Make sure that the underground doesn’t have utility objects that can get damaged while staking.

Service providers access

Service providers for your party require to have easy access to the venue. For the heavy tent equipment, DJ equipment, tables, and chairs, there has to be a small distance to travel for them.

If your location needs carrying the equipment over a long distance from their trucks, they are going to charge you more money for the labor services. You can also decide to use smaller trucks to carry the equipment to the venue.

Choosing the right tent

Tents are designed to perform various functions. If the location is prone to strong winds such as a valley, you might require to do special staking. The tent also has to protect the guests from the wind.

For that reason, tents with sliding walls can be a great choice for the event because you can open it when the day is perfect or close it during unexpected weather conditions.

You should ensure there is always safety by checking if there are power lines that can hinder the high peaks of the tents.

Contact us

Whether you are looking for small or large party tents in San Diego, Party Tents Tampa has the right one for you.

You can choose from our wide selection of party tents in Los Angeles to meet your needs. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today at (877) 918-8368 for more information.

Commercial Party Tents

Commercial Party Tents for Outdoor Parties in Summer

There is nothing better than having commercial party tents for an outdoor party in summer. Commercial tents are great investments because they can provide cover for outdoor activities.

With the summer coming up, you need to get a tent so that your outdoor party runs smoothly. Here are some common styles of tents that you could pick for an outdoor party.

Pop-up tents

The goodness with commercial tents is that you have a variety of them to suit your needs. Pop-up tents are easy to use and leave you with enough time to arrange other essential things for the party.

Commercial Party Tents

When you have one, you don’t need to get special tools when installing it. They are designed to open up like an accordion. Therefore, you can open it, install it, and be ready to have a party in a few minutes.

However, pop-up tents are not that sturdy because of their unique design. You can use them as a temporary cover and not for prolonged use. They are suitable for a small number of people as they don’t cover a large area.

Pole tents

Another option is the pole tents that have a traditional design. The roof has dips and curves; they are held in place by a pole at the center of the structure. If the outdoor party has many guests, probably the pole tents are your better option as they cover a larger space.

They come in various sizes, and you can get large quantities to accommodate everyone with ease. They are also aesthetically pleasant to look at and easy to install. You will need to plan appropriately because the poles in the middle of the structure might block the view inside.

Frame tents

Another great tent is the frame tent, and these have a metal tube framing to support the tent. The primary benefit of this tent is the fact that it doesn’t have poles in the center to block the view.

Instead, you have an open space inside, and you don’t need ropes or stakes to install it. You can set them up in smaller areas and hard ground, including concrete and decking. The tent is weighted down to give you a lot of flexibility.

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If you are preparing for commercial party tents for your outdoor party, Party Tents, Tampa is your best option. We have various types of tents suitable for a large outdoor event or a small gathering.

We have many years of experience offering party tents in Los Angeles. Contact us at (877) 918-8368 for more information.

Commercial Party Tents

7 Creative Commercial Party Tents for Your Event

Are you going to have a business event? Then, perhaps you need to consider using commercial party tents. These tents are a great option because they are not only easy to set up, but they will also protect your guests from either the sun or rain.

However, there is a wide selection of commercial party tents on the market, so you need to choose the best one that fits well with your goals. Here are seven creative commercial party tents for your event.

Attractive lanterns

If you would like to have a great feeling in your commercial party tent, look for lanterns that will help you to fill up the tent. There are various types of lanterns with different sizes and colors to help you hang them in several ways.

Commercial Party Tents

You can talk to a professional to get an idea about how many do you need to use because too few of them can backfire on your plans.

While the lanterns are suitable for decorations, don’t rely on them to provide all the light, so you require to get another source of light.

String lights

There is nothing better than celebrating a commercial event using string lights. They will improve the mood of the celebration.

You can be creative by wrapping the string lights around the poles of the tent or hang them from the peaks to the sides of the tent.

Fishing line

Apart from the fishing line being used for catching fish, you can also use it to hang some decorations. Make sure that the decorations are matching or use balloons to float above the guests.

The flowers

When you are up to using the fishing line, then it’s a great idea to have the appearance of nature inside your tent.

You will need to consult a florist to share ideas on how you can decorate with flowers that match the party theme.

However, if there are budget constraints, you can use either wildflowers or even long grasses.

Use tree branches

Think outside the box by taking the branches of small trees and place them in the center of the tent. You can also add some lights by wrapping them around the tree branches or simply just hang them on the branches.

The soft glow will create a fine ambiance that will remind everyone of nature.

Ascending lights

It is essential to keep the theme of the party in mind. The guests need to enjoy the occasion by uplifting their mood, so consider using colored lights that can be hung from the ground going up to the top of the tent.

Use Gobos

Gobos work in the same way as the ascending lights and allow you to design them in the way that you want. They project images of people on either the ceiling or the walls of the tent.

You can also use the logo of the business to be displayed by showing your company everywhere, including the top of the tent.

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You can get commercial party tents in Los Angeles for your event. Whether you are looking for a large outdoor gathering or a small event, Party Tents Tampa has available tents for sale.

With many years of experience in the industry, Party Tents Tampa has a wide selection of tents for your needs.

Contact us at +1 (877) 918-8368 to find out which tent is best for your party tent.

Traditional Party Tents

Surprise your Soulmate by Choosing Traditional Party Tents in Tampa

If you are considering buying traditional party tents in Tampa for an upcoming function, you need to understand the varieties of tents that are available. This will help you to make an informed decision. Such as, which party tent is most suitable for the event and your budget.

Here is what you need to know about traditional tents in Tampa.

Types of party tents

There are two classifications used in describing party tents. These are, a traditional pole party tent and a frame party tent. The primary difference between these two types of tents comes in the way they are installed and their structural framework.

Traditional party tents feature a center pole that is used for support with poles along its edge. Some of these tents have an extra row of poles known as quarter poles, that support the tent.
Traditional Party Tents

The poles are generally there to support the tent while you have a function. The poles are located on the surface of the ground and are secured in place to the top where there is vinyl.

You then tighten the top of the tent to the ground using either ratchets or ropes with stakes. The tent has a secure support system because of the poles, stakes, and tie-downs.

For this reason, they are capable of covering larger areas than the frame party tents, and it will also withstand the force from the wind. This is the reason why most people feel comfortable and safe to use traditional party tents.

How to use traditional pole party tents?

You can use the traditional pole party tents for various events because they have a classical appearance and they are beautiful. The outside of the tents has an elegant look and great peaks and wide lines.

Because the party tents are usually used on grass, the stakes can be stuck into the ground to provide support. Some of the events you can use them include wedding functions, church gatherings, parties, and school graduation ceremonies.

Frame party tents

Frame party tents have quite a different setup system. You can use the interlocking bars to join them together so that you can have a stiff separate structure that acts as a support to the top of the tent.

Once the tent top and its sidewall are joined to the metal framework, you create an enclosed space without center poles like in the traditional pole party tents.

While frame tents might need staking, you can also secure them using heavy items such as water barrels and concrete items. They can also be erected on the grass, but they are more expensive than the traditional pole party tents.

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If you are looking for a traditional pole party tent for sale, Party Tents Tampa is your best choice. You can choose from a wide selection of tents. All designed to be the most reliable and strongest party tent in Los Angeles.

Contact us today via +1 (877) 918-8368 for more information about Traditional Party Tents in Tampa.