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Commercial Party Tents

Choosing Best Party Tents in Tampa Florida

Having parties outdoors is a lot of fun, but more often than not, you must protect your guests from extreme weather conditions. You can do so by installing one of the best party tents in Tampa, Florida.

Not only are these very easy to install, but they also provide the right shade for guests who prefer rather sit and chat in the shade. There’s a wide selection of party tents for you to choose from. With some research, you can find the best one that fits well with your event.

Frame tents

One of the best party tents options in Tampa, Florida, to consider is a frame tent. The support frame for this tent is entirely made of metal tubes. One useful feature is that it doesn’t have center poles that tend to block views.

What you have is an interior open space. You don’t need stakes or ropes to have it installed. You may set this tent up in small spaces with hard grounds like concrete and decks. Then you weigh down the tent to give it flexibility.

Pole tents 

Another option with a more traditional style is a pole tent. The roof of the tent has the usual dips and curves supported by a pole situated at the center. This is ideal for outdoor parties attended by many guests because it covers a bigger space.

Pole tents come in different sizes. You can even get one of the larger sizes to accommodate all your guests with ease. Furthermore, they have an appealing appearance and are very easy to assemble and disassemble. Just plan well because the center pole might block your guests’ view.

Pop-up tents

There is always a range of commercial tents available so you can choose the best tents for parties in Tampa, Florida. For instance, you may opt for a pop-up tent. It’s easy to install, giving you more time to organize other things for your party.

The design of pop-up tents makes them work like accordions. This means you can open it, set it up, and use it in a matter of minutes. Because of the unique design, these tents aren’t that sturdy. This also makes them suitable for temporary cover only, not for prolonged use.


Choosing the best tent for your party

Get acquainted with the tent varieties available before considering which one to choose for your upcoming social function. This helps you make a smarter decision, like which is the best party tent to select in the Tampa area to suit your needs and budget.


Aside from choosing one of the best outdoor tents for parties in Tampa, Florida, from Party Tents Tampa, you can also opt for some add-ons to liven up your surroundings. 

For instance, having an attractive lanterns gives excellent ambiance to your party tent. String lights are great too as you can wrap them around the tent poles or hang them from the tent peaks flowing down the sides.

Flowers may work well, make sure to speak with your florist first. Ask for advice on how to decorate using flowers that match your party theme. Finally, you may also go for ascending Lights. You can install these colored lights from the ground going up.