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party tents in Tampa

Find Tents in Tampa for Great Outdoors Events

Planning for  an outdoor events starts with getting the best location possible. You also want to have a tent that will leave people with memorable moments.

When selecting the right party tents in Tampa for great outdoor events, you have to consider the type, size, and style of the tent.

Here are more details of what you should look for in a tent for your outdoor event.

Size of the tent 

The size of the tent matters a lot because it determines the type of seating and other extra things you are going to have at the party.

party tents in Tampa

Most of the tents suitable for events such as parties accommodate auditorium-style seating style, events serving meals, and events that incorporate catering, bands, or DJs. The extras are going to demand an increase in the size of the tent.

Therefore, speak with the people responsible to find out the amount of space they will need before choosing an ideal tent.

However, for events with meals, it’s important to consider the number, size of tables, and the number of people participating.

Most of the time, dinners that have table-side service require extra space so that the servers have enough room to do their work.

No matter the type of layout you need for your outdoor event, it’s crucial to select the type of tent that meets your needs.

Parts and tops

Tents are made up of different materials but the most important parts are probably the top and the frame. Regardless of what type of tent you choose, most of the tents have aluminum and steel as supporting structures.

While aluminum is lighter, it has a slight problem as it bends. Tents with aluminum don’t corrode because of aluminum oxide, a chemical that prevents rust.

On the other hand, tents with steel are heavier and sturdier. Steel has also the tendency to rust if it’s not properly treated.

The cost

The cost of a tent is another important factor to consider when choosing a tent for your outdoor party. Tents made with aluminum are usually a bit more expensive than those made of steel.

But, their prices generally differ from one manufacturer to another, making it necessary to research the price range with different manufacturers. Tents made with vinyl material are also normally expensive than those made with polyester.

The benefit of vinyl is that it’s durable, provides UV protection, and it’s weather-resistant. These tents are flame resistant and easy to clean.

Therefore, it all comes down to the type of event that the tent is to be used for and the budget you have allocated to get your desired type of tent.

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